JazzHaven Bath Experience Gift Set


The PERFECT gift for the bath-lovers in your life, just in time for the holidays!  Order now for delivery by Christmas!

JazzHaven bath soak salts and herbal teas are more than a restful bath: it’s functional self-care.    With personalized experiences at its core, you can choose to soak in salts to soothe tired muscles after a hard workout, or choose to steep yourself in nutraceutical teas that your skin will absorb through your skin into your body, or both!

Each gift set has 3 cups of bath salts (use 1 cup per bath) and 3 targeted herbal and oil blends (select 1 per bath) for you to choose your experience.   That’s up to 6 baths per gift box!   Salt and bath blend refills will be available soon.

So … what in the crate?

  • Bath salt blend of epsom salt, dead sea salts,  sodium bicarbonate, and activated charcoal will soothe sore muscles and detoxify.  Lightly fragranced with jasmine essential oil.  Comes packaged in a beautiful reusable glass jar with a bamboo lid.
  • Herbal tea soak blend of dried herbs and flowers, and infused with essential and infused oils for customizable bath experiences for when you need to:
    • AWAKEN to revitalize.
    • RELAX to rest and recover.
    • SKIN LOVE to intensely moisturize.
  • Reusable canvas bath tea bag
  • Aromatherapy candle
  • “Do Not Disturb” door hangtag
  • Reusable wooden crate

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Bath Salt Blend

epsom salt, dead sea salt, sodium bicarbonate, activated charcoal, jasmine essential oil

JASMINE BLOOMS Aromatherapy Oil Stick

jasmine, lavender, calendula*, lemongrass*, rose, plantain*, comfrey*

Herbal, Floral, and Oil Bath Blends

AWAKEN to revitalize

sage*, Arkansas mountain mint*, rosemary*, and lavender*, infused with peppermint, clove, ylang-ylang, lemon, and spikenard essential oils.

RELAX to rest and recover

lemon basil*, passionflower*, lavender*, and rose, infused with spike lavender, rosemary, and frankinsense essential oils.

SKIN LOVE to moisturize

goldenrod*, calendula* rose, plantain, comfrey, infused with goldenrod*, rosehip, sweet orange, geranium, and vitamin E essential oils.

* Grown, harvested, dried, and infused at our organic permaculture food forest and gardens.

Additional information

Weight4.5 oz
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