tempeh ocean salad


This dish is now offered “on demand”.  To get it on next week’s menu, just place an order for it 🙂

I can hear it now … “what the heck is tempeh ocean salad”?

Well, tempeh is a cultured food is made from fermented soybeans, but don’t just click away if you don’t like beans!  It’s worth giving tempeh a try because the cultured form, flavors, and texture bear little resemblance to plain cooked soybeans and fermented beans don’t have the flatulence-effect that cooked beans do.

Why tempeh?  33 grams of protein with zero cholesterol is why.  35% riboflavin, 22% niacin, 18% vitamin b6, 108% manganese, 46% copper, 44% phosphorous, 34% magnesium, 25% iron, and 20% potassium is why.  And this is just a select list of vitamins and minerals that exceed 20% of the USRDA per 1-cup serving.  Plus, because tempeh is a cultured food, it is permeated with beneficial bacteria (esp. Bifidobacteria), making it a probiotic meal that will fortify the beneficial bacteria already present in our guts.  Because who needs supplements when we eat our nutrition?

“Okay, I understand why you’re pushing tempeh, but where’s the ocean in the ocean salad”?  I’m so glad you asked 😉   I use sea vegetables like nori (c.f. seaweed used to wrap sushi) and Irish Sea Moss (an algae) to both bring in the flavors and aromas of the ocean and an absurd amount of tasty nutrition, including broad-spectrum B vitamins.  Both are excellent sources of iodine and necessary trace nutrients like selenium, which helps support the thyroid*.  Irish sea moss in particular has iodine in the concentrated form, which fuels the functions of the thyroid gland.

Nutrition awesomeness aside, this is one of Joe’s favorite salads.  He loves having a big ole tub of it sitting in the fridge waiting for random snacking urges.

Leftovers?  Slap a scoop between a couple of slices of gluten-free bread, wrap it in collard greens or swiss chard, mix it with chopped greens, or use it as a dip with crackers or nachos, this versatile nutrient-dense salad will become a new favorite for your taste buds and your body <3

* MEDICAL NOTE:  Do not order this if you have an overactive thyroid.  The high iodine content of the sea vegetables contraindicates consumption by those with hyperthyroidism.


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