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food prep : the mandatory pop talk

Many people say that preparing healthy whole-foods plant-based meals takes too much time and money. Yes, it takes a bit of both, but the results are worth it – and both time and cost diminish as you gain experience in the kitchen. Here’s a short pep talk on why you should take the time to prepare your own food at home.

Time is one of the most precious resources there is.  Whether you have a demanding job, a spouse, kids at home, family, friends, and any combination thereof, it seems like there are constant demands on our time.  Who has time to prep food?  It’s so much more convenient to stop at a fast food joint at lunch or have a freezer-full of TV dinners or pick up some take-out on the way home instead of taking the time to prepare healthy food at home.  Why take the time to shop, prep, and cook when it takes so much less time to eat convenience foods?

Let’s try a little perspective.  The three things that sustain human life on a biological level are air, water, and food.  You might switch jobs or move to a new home or expand or shrink your social circles, or any number of changes in your life, but you will always need to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and eat nourishing food.  Failing to do so will detrimentally affect the quality of all other aspects of your life over time.  How?

Our friends at Delicious Healthcare put it this way:

“What would happen if you put a drop or two of water in your gas tank every time you filled it?  It probably wouldn’t affect the performance of your car today, tomorrow, or maybe even next month or year, but over time, the increasing amount of water in your gas tank will increase the risk for performance issues … because cars need gas, not water.”

Human bodies run optimally on whole or minimally-processed foods.  They don’t run on things like deep-fried foods, meat-lovers pizza, bacon, Big Macs, or donuts.  If you said “why yes, yes they do!”  that’s your appetite talking.  Appetite (mental desire) and hunger (biological need) are two different things, and we need to grow more mindful of which is telling us to eat, when it’s telling us to eat, and what it’s telling us to eat.

Do you know anyone who appeared healthy and energetic earlier in life and later started to appear less so, or begin to need medical treatment for obesity, diabetes, heart disease, or other chronic illnesses?  Could this describe you?

Healthy Food is the True Healthcare, and we need to understand the fact that most medical doctors have had very little to NO education in nutrition(1).  In other words, most doctors are Sickcare mechanics who know primarily how to write prescriptions to treat the symptoms of illness.  Very few know how to naturally fuel the body for optimal performance, or more importantly, for the prevention or reversal of the causes of illness.

What if you knew the right foods to eat and how to efficiently prepare them in order to obtain and maintain optimal health?  Would you eagerly take ownership of your health back from those who enjoy profits from your poor health such as insurance and pharmaceutical companies, doctors, clinics, and hospitals?  How about from those Big Food corporations that cater to the primal fat, salt, and sugar cravings of our bodies?  That said, it’s OUR responsibility to learn the proper care of our bodies and to take the time to do it.

Yes, it takes thought and it takes time.  It’s hard at first, but push through and keep it up.  Once your body starts consistently getting the nutrition it needs to thrive, the emerging vitality and mental clarity you will feel will fuel your effort going forward.

Here at Jazzy’s Creative Kitchen, I will help you minimize your kitchen time while maximizing nutritious output by sharing my tried and true food prep strategies and tips.  Join in on the fun and you’ll see that it’s not that hard.  It’s worth the effort. You got this!

Have ideas you’d like us to write about?  Add a comment below!

Welcome to your happier, healthier life!

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