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starting where we are …

I always tell people to start where they are and it’s time to take my own advice.  I kept procrastinating on making videos and posts because it always felt like there’s so much backstory needed to make sense.  But away with that.  And I’m starting where we are.

Over the last year or so, we’re been working towards establishing Jazzy’s Creative Kitchen and building our own commercial kitchen to bring deliciously nutrient-dense, plant-based convenience foods and snacks to market.  Ongoing challenges led to ongoing innovations and focus adjustments.  Driving our food products to market is temporarily on hold as we focus on meeting our local community’s immediate need for gentle yet effective hand sanitizer.

And now we are opening a window into our activities at Jazzy’s Creative Kitchen and Dorn Park & Gardens, our on-premisis permaculture food forest and gardens.  Come, join us on our journey of land stewardship, plant-based nutrition, and living with intention.

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